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  • Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP)
    86032 County Highway 61, Willow River, MN 55795-3216
Service Info
Service:Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP)
Agency:Minnesota Department of Corrections
Loc Name:Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP)
Location:86032 County Highway 61, Willow River, MN, 55795-3216 Map
Phone: (218) 372-3101

Service Description

The Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP) is an intensive, rigorous, highly structured and disciplined program for carefully selected, non-dangerous drug and property offenders. This program has a high level of offender control and accountability. It is for both male and female offenders. CIP has three phases:
     * CIP Phase I has a sterile, austere environment with a rigorous daily schedule. Work, specialized training, chemical dependency programming, education and physical activity are planned for virtually every minute of the day from 5:30am to lights out at 9:30pm. There is no recreational television, and visiting and telephone privileges are severely restricted.
* Following completion of the institution phase of CIP and with the approval of the department's Hearings & Release Unit, offenders are generally required to participate in the community-based Phase II for a six month period of time. Phase II programming requires that offenders continue to maintain a high level of positive activity. Strict accountability is mandated. Offenders are expected to contact their agent daily, submit to random drug and/or alcohol tests, maintain full-time employment, remain active in community service, participate in aftercare programming, and abide by curfews assigned by the agent.
* Upon Phase II completion, the offender moves to Phase III. This is the last phase of the CIP program. In Phase III, the offender is expected to practice what he or she has learned in Phases I and II. The appropriate level of supervision is maintained by the agent to maximize the offender's chances of success. Phase III generally lasts for a six month period.


Participation in CIP is restricted to offenders committed to the commissioner of corrections following revocation of a stayed sentence and offenders who have 48 months or less in or remaining in their term of imprisonment, and who did not receive a dispositional departure under sentencing guidelines.

Ineligible offenders include offenders committed or previously committed to prison for certain serious crimes against persons. Specifically noted in law are crimes such as murder, manslaughter, criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, robbery, arson, or any offense involving death or intentional personal injury within the preceding 10 years.

Application Instructions

Offenders are reviewed for CIP participation after admission to a state receiving institution. Offenders submit an application to the program and those applications are reviewed to determine eligibility based on statutory criteria.

Eligible applicants are then physically and psychologically screened before signing a written contract agreeing to comply with CIP requirements.

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State of Minnesota




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Main (218) 372 - 3101
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