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Service Info
Service:Child Protective Services (CPS)
Agency: St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services
Location:320 W 2nd St, Government Services Center, Duluth, MN, 55802-1495 Map
Phone: (800) 450-9777

Service Description

Child Protective Services (CPS) help to keep children safe from physical abuse neglect and sexual abuse, and help families get the services they need to change unhealthy behaviors.

The goal of the child protection system is to help keep children safe from physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. CPS responds to reports of suspected physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse of a child by assessing for the child's safety, possible risk factors and family strengths and needs when a report is accepted.

In Minnesota, child abuse includes causing injury or threat of injury whether physical, mental or sexual. Neglect means not meeting the needs of a child for food, clothing, shelter, medical or mental health care, safety, education and/or supervision that a parent or guardian is supposed to provide. To learn more about the laws about child maltreatment and reporting, visit:

CPS supports families to stay together or reunite when it is safe to do so. Sometimes the child protection agency determines that a family needs services to help support them so that they can safely care for their child(ren). Services for families may include family counseling, parenting education, help to apply for money or food benefits, access to services such as education or mental health care, and/or helping to meet basic needs such as housing and food.

When it is not safe for a child to stay with the family, CPS finds a safe place for the child to live temporarily, with medical, mental health and other services as needed. CPS works with the family to develop a plan for the child to return safely home. Sometimes it is not possible for the child to return to the family's home due to being unsafe, then CPS works with the foster care and related systems to ensure the child's safety.


Languages other than English
  • Accommodations provided to people with disabilities with reasonable notification


Children who have been abused or neglected or who are at risk of being abused or neglected, and their families are eligible for services.

Application Instructions

A call to a county social services agency, or for families residing on Leech Lake or White Earth Reservations to the tribal social services agency, begins the process. State statute requires an immediate response to reports of maltreatment that indicate a child is in imminent danger.
Anyone may report suspected child abuse or neglect to the local child protection or police:
 * A child or youth can call for help
 * An adult friend or family member can call
 * People who work with children or families (like teachers or day care workers) are required by the law to report suspected child abuse or neglect. To learn more about reporting, visit:

You do not have to know for sure or have evidence of abuse or neglect to call - you may call if you have any question if there may be abuse or neglect.

If the child is in immediate danger or abandoned, dial 911 for emergency help.

Statewide list of phone numbers:

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, contact Child Protective Services at: 800-450-9777

Duluth serves the southern half of St Louis County: (218) 726-2012
Virginia serves the northern half of St Louis County: (218) 749-7128

In an emergency, call 911.


County social services assess family's need for services without regard to family income.

Business Hours

8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

Area Served

St. Louis County




Telephone types, numbers and hours

Main (218) 726 - 2222
FAX (218) 726 - 2163
Toll Free -Financial Assistance (800) 450 - 9777

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Statewide TTY Number

Dial 7-1-1 Learn More