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Service Info
Service:Adult Field Probation and Parole Office
Agency:Ramsey County Community Corrections Department
Loc Name:Minnehaha Field Office (Ramsey County Community Corrections Department)
Location:800 Minnehaha Ave E, Ste 101, St. Paul, MN, 55106-4432 Map
Phone: (651) 266-1770

Service Description

Field office for probation and parole administration.

The goal of probation is protecting the community by monitoring offenders and preventing future crimes. In addition to five probation units downtown, there are seven units providing supervision within the neighborhoods where offenders live.

The Probation Unit investigates offenders' backgrounds, assesses their risk of committing a new crime, and identifies those factors that should be addresses to prevent re-offending. Educational programs, treatment, or other interventions targeted at changing behavior are provided. Throughout the offender’s supervision, staff carries out the tasks necessary to protect the community and hold the offender accountable, including surveillance, drug testing, monitoring restitution, and community work service.

Partnering agencies help with some of the specialized tasks -
Non-profit agencies in the community are partners for specialized services including sex offender treatment, domestic abuse treatment, chemical dependency treatment, and some culture-specific programming.
Specialized units or specially trained probation officers provide supervision for sex offenders, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) offenders, confirmed gang members, high-risk prison releases, and individuals convicted of domestic abuse.


Building Accessibility
  • Accessible main entrance (zero step approach)
  • Accessible public restroom
Client Conveniences
  • Ex-offenders accepted


Offenders and delinquents committed by courts in Ramsey County and family court referrals

Business Hours

8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday

Area Served

Ramsey County




Telephone types, numbers and hours

Main (651) 266 - 1770

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