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  • Courage Center
    3915 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley, MN 55422-4298
Service Info
Service:Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
Agency:Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Loc Name:Courage Center
Location:3915 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley, MN, 55422-4298 Map
Phone: (763) 520-0386

Service Description

The Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) service is for people who are living with mental illness and are eligible for Medical Assistance. The service promotes and supports recovery and mental wellness. Service areas include:

People need Basic Living and Social Skills in order to be independent
- This component teaches many of these skills and supports individuals as they practice them. Examples include:
    * Communicating opinions, thoughts and feelings, or key information with others
    * Feeling confident in different social roles and settings
    * Communicating about, or when in a stressful situation
    * Discovering and using community resources to get needs met
    * Getting outside help to deal with a difficult situation
    * Preventing relapse
    * Budgeting and shopping
    * Developing a healthy lifestyle
    * Learning to cook and eat a healthy diet
    * Learning to get around the community
    * Monitoring use and effectiveness of medications
    * Managing the symptoms of mental illness
    * Managing a household
    * Finding and retaining a job
    * Planning for employment
    * Pursuing education
    * Re-entering community living after treatment
Most of these skills are developed one-on-one, but some are taught in a group setting, provided that group learning is a benefit for each person in the group, and is specified in her or his treatment plan.

Community intervention
- Community intervention means a plan of action to make it easier to become part of the community, living independently, or knowing how to live safely when symptoms of the mental illness have become unmanageable. These action plans minimize the risk of a loss of community living which could result in the loss of a job, eviction, hospitalization, etc.

Transition to community living
- Transition to community living services are provided to a person who will be leaving a sub-acute level of care service, such as Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), a skilled nursing facility, an Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) program, or an acute care service such as a regional treatment center, or an inpatient hospital setting.

Certified Peer Specialist Services
- Certified Peer Specialist Services (CPSS) are specific rehabilitative services that emphasize learning, developing, and enhancing skills needed by a person with a mental illness. These services are self-directed and person - centered with a focus on recovery.

Service Coordination
- ARMHS services can be the only mental health services that a person may require, or as a compliment to other services a person may have.

Location Description

A Uniform Consumer Information Guide (UCIG) is available for this location.

Home Care Services are provided by:
     Name: Courage Center
     Address: 3915 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN 55422
     Class A Professional Home Care Agency


Building Accessibility
  • 32 inches of clearance for all doorways
  • 36 inches of clearance for all hallways
  • Accessible main entrance (zero step approach)
  • Designated disability parking
  • Power assisted door openers
Type of Client Preferred
  • Brain Injury (BI)
  • Mentally ill


Is age 18 or older
- Has received a recent diagnostic assessment by a qualified mental health professional that indicates ARMHS services are medically necessary to further recovery from a diagnosed serious mental illness;
- Has substantial disability and functional impairment in three or more areas, thus markedly reducing self-sufficiency; and
- Has the cognitive capacity to engage in and benefit from rehabilitative services techniques and methods.
- Is eligible for Medical Assistance (MA)

Comprehensive diagnostic and functional assessments are required to determine eligibility, medical necessity, and appropriateness of rehabilitation services. It is also important to remember that the goal of this service is to regain or restore lost capabilities associated with the symptoms of the diagnosed mental disorder.

People receiving MinnesotaCare are also eligible for ARMHS as a part of their mental health benefit set.

This agency is certified to provide services in Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey counties

Business Hours

8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday office. Voice mail after hours. Program hours vary.

Area Served

Inpatient services draw from a statewide and Midwest regional area.
Local services primarily serve residents of Twin Cities greater Metropolitan area.




Telephone types, numbers and hours

Main (763) 520 - 0306
General Information (763) 520 - 0520
Administrative (763) 588 - 0811
Camping for Persons With Disabilities - FAX (763) 520 - 05778am - 4:30pm, Monday-Friday
Camping for Persons With Disabilities - Main Line (763) 520 - 05048am - 4:30pm, Monday-Friday
Driver Training/Support Groups/Recreation (763) 520 - 03128am - 4:30pm, Monday-Friday
FAX (763) 520 - 1905
TDD (763) 520 - 0245

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