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Service Info
Service:Chemical Dependency Treatment - Residential
Agency:MN Adult & Teen Challenge, Inc.
Loc Name:Stevens and Hudson Houses
Location:3231 1st Ave S, also 3201 1st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55408-4407 Map
Phone: (612) 373-3366

Service Description

This program is a Residential (live-in) program. It is for people who have patterns of problems with the use of alcohol or other drugs. Residential programs serve people while they live temporarily in housing owned and staffed by the agency. People live in the residential program to begin or continue changes in life patterns to stop using alcohol or drugs (chemical dependency).

Residential treatment programs provide a wider range of more intensive services than non-residential treatment. Residential services are set up to meet more acute or complex needs. The goals of both kinds of treatment are the same, with differences in location and intensity.

Chemical dependency means that someone's body has changed from drug or alcohol use, causing problems when they try to stop using drugs. Chemical dependency is also called alcohol or drug addiction, or substance abuse. Support and services help people to learn skills and make changes to reduce or stop use.

Residential treatment includes:
* An assessment (evaluation) of the person's needs, focusing on drug and alcohol use, life challenges, coping strategies, and resources
* Making and following a plan to meet the needs in the assessment. This can be a plan to provide different kinds of support services. It can also have plans to get other kinds of help as needed.
* Treatment in a Residential setting may help a person to stay away from drugs and alcohol by teaching new skills and helping to avoid relapse.

This program is licensed for Chemical Dependency Treatment by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) under the law called Rule 31. It is approved by DHS as a Residential Treatment facility.

MN Adult & Teen Challenge offers programs for adults and teenagers, as well as aftercare services.

Adult treatment programs include both long-term and short-term intensive programs.

MN Adult & Teen Challenge offers a residential program for teenage girls and teenage boys struggling with chemical addictions, as well as behavioral problems.


Chemical Dependency
  • Adolescent treatment
  • Residential treatment
Client Conveniences
  • Ex-offenders accepted
  • Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CDTF)
  • County contract
  • Medicaid (Medical Assistance)
Regulated Services
  • Chemical Dependency (Non-Detox) Treatment (Rule 31)
Service Availability
  • Capacity : 84
Type of Client Preferred
  • Age range : 16 and older
  • Chemically dependent
  • Male
Licenses, Registrations, or Certifications
1005657Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs (Rule 31)Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS)http:/​/​www.​dhs.​state.​mn.​us/​main/​idcplg?IdcService=​GET_DYNAMIC_CONVERSION&RevisionSelectionMethod=​LatestReleased&dDocName=​id_054366


Teenagers and adults who are struggling with chemical abuse. This housing facility accepts ex-offenders reentering the general public population from a correctional facility

Application Instructions

There are several ways to apply to MN Adult and Teen Challenge:

* Call the Admissions Department at (612) 373-3366 and dial 1 for admissions
* Deliver an application in person to the admissions lobby at 3231 1st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55408
* Applications can be faxed to the Admissions Department at (612) 823-4913
* Applications can be mailed to 1619 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Applications can be downloaded online at


Insurance (including Medical Assistance) or county programs can often pay for treatment. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Call for fees. For those families that do not have the ability to pay the normal monthly fee, we offer financial assistance to a limited number of families.

Area Served

Twin Cities Metro Area




Telephone types, numbers and hours

FAX (612) 333 - 4111
General Information (612) 373 - 33669 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday office; 24 hour residential

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