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  • Distribution Center
    39404 Grand Ave, North Branch, MN 55056-5027
Service Info
Service:Blessing Box
Agency: Ruby's Pantry
Loc Name:Distribution Center
Location:39404 Grand Ave, North Branch, MN, 55056-5027 Map
Phone: (320) 629-7400

Service Description

When someone in the church/organization hears of someone in the community with low resources or crisis who could use a helping hand, a Blessing Box is packed by the volunteers and is delivered to the person in need.
Ruby's Pantry is a regional independent food bank sharing donated food with small food closets in churches and local organizations to share with neighbors in need.

Distributes food with a "Blessing Box" model -
* Churches and organizations in communities pick up a variety of groceries from Ruby’s Pantry and storing them in manageable amounts in a closet or room in their facility.
* Most will need a refrigerator and freezer as well because so much of today’s groceries are frozen and refrigerated.
* When someone in the organization hears of someone in the community with low resources or someone in crisis who could use a helping hand,
     * A Blessing Box is packed by the volunteers from the church or organization and is delivered to the door of the person or family in need, no strings attached.

The positive result of this program is two fold:
   1. The people who receive the Blessing Boxes are blessed by the groceries and realize that someone actually has noticed their struggle and has taken the time out of their busy schedule to care for them.
   2. The volunteer who brings the food is blessed because they helped someone and it makes them complete. We were meant to care for one another in time of need.


Type of Client Preferred
  • Family

Application Instructions

Call (320) 629-7400 for additional information.

Organizations contact Ruby's Pantry to partner to bring food to your agency for community members.

Area Served

Ruby's Pantry serves many of the counties in northern Minnesota.




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Main (320) 629 - 7400

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