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  • Itasca County Health and Human Services Department
    1209 SE 2nd Ave, Grand Rapids, MN 55744-3982
Service Info
Service:Medical Assistance (MA)
Agency: Itasca County Health and Human Services Department
Location:1209 SE 2nd Ave, Grand Rapids, MN, 55744-3982 Map
Phone: (218) 327-2941

Service Description

Medical Assistance (MA) is Minnesota's Medicaid program. MA serves people with low income, including children and families, pregnant women, adults without children, people 65 or older and people who have disabilities.

Summary of Coverage for Medical Assistance (MA) -
This is only a summary. Coverage limits and qualifications may apply for some services. For details about covered services, you can call your county or tribal human services department, health plan or provider. People not in a health plan may call the Minnesota Health Care Programs Member Help Desk at 1-800-657-3739.
Covered Services Include:
* Alcohol and drug treatment
* Chiropractic care
* Dental care (limited for non-pregnant adults)
* Doctor/clinic visits
* Emergency Room (ER) care
* Eyeglasses
* Family planning services
* Hearing aids
* Home care
* Hospice care
* Hospital services (inpatient and outpatient)
* Immunizations and vaccines
* Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD)
* Interpreter services for covered services
* Lab and X-ray
* Licensed birth center services
* Medical equipment and supplies
* Medical transportation (to services, ambulance and specialized accessible transportation to services)
* Mental health care
* Nursing homes
* Outpatient and inpatient surgery
* Prescriptions and Medication Therapy Management
* Rehabilitative therapy (physical, occupational and speech therapy)
* Urgent care


Building Accessibility
  • Accessible main entrance (zero step approach)
  • Accessible public restroom
  • Designated disability parking
Languages other than English
  • Accommodations provided to people with disabilities with reasonable notification
  • Translator services


Must be Minnesota resident. Must be U.S. citizen or have an immigration status that qualifies for MA. Must meet program rules and income and asset limits.

Assets -
 * No asset limit for families, pregnant women or adults without children
* Asset limit for people 65 or older and people with disabilities - $3,000 for one person, $6,000 for two people. Add $200 for each additional family member.

Application Instructions

Apply online at MNsure: - Minnesota's online health insurance marketplace or complete a paper application form.

Get a paper application from your local county/tribal human services agency, MNsure navigator or print one from

Get help to apply by calling:
 * MNsure at (855) 366-7873 or contact a MNsure Navigator in your area
 * From your local county/tribal human services office
 * Help for older adults - Senior LinkAge Line at (800) 333-2433
 * Help for people with disabilities and health conditions - Disability Linkage Line at (866) 333-2466

Coverage for some long-term care services, including nursing homes, may require a separate application to determine if MA can pay for it. Ask your worker for more information.


Cost sharing - Cost sharing means amounts you pay toward your medical costs. Cost sharing amounts are subject to adjustment by state legislation. Adults age 21 or older (except pregnant women, people in hospice care, Refugee MA program enrollees and people in nursing homes or ICF/DDs) have: * $2.75 monthly deductible * $3 copay for nonpreventative visits; no copay for mental health visits * $3.50 copay for nonemergency ER visits * $3 or $1 copay for prescription drugs up to $12 per month; no copay on some mental health drugs If you are not able to pay a copay or deductible, your provider still has to serve you. Providers must take your word that you cannot pay. Providers cannot ask for proof that you cannot pay. Monthly copays and deductibles are limited to 5 percent of family income for adults with income at or below 100 percent of federal poverty guidelines.

Required Documents

  • all necessary bills or debts
  • income tax return
  • proof of assets
  • proof of disability
  • proof of household income
  • proof of immigration status (I-94)
  • proof of pregnancy
  • Social Security card/number

Business Hours

8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

Area Served

Itasca County


http:/​/​www.​co.​itasca.​mn.​us/​Home/​Departments/​Health and Human Services/​Pages/​default.​aspx


Telephone types, numbers and hours

Main (218) 327 - 2941
Toll Free (800) 422 - 0312
FAX (218) 327 - 5561
TDD (218) 327 - 5549

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