Skip to main content® Policy on Accessibility: Exceeding Standards

In accordance with federal laws, state laws, and the Minnesota State Accessibility Standards,® is committed to ensuring that all users are able to access the information and content on the site.® embraces these values by:

  1. Following principles of accessible web design
  2. Incorporating accessibility into all phases of the design and implementation process
  3. Ensuring usability through ongoing quality assurance mechanisms like expert reviews of the programming and design, user testing and community feedback
  4. Maintaining competency on current assistive technology, trends and policies
  5. Developing interfaces in languages other than English
  6. Providing assistance wherever possible to help users understand these policies

Whenever possible,® will exceed federal and industry accessibility standards to assure the tools are truly usable regardless of language preference, literacy level, hearing, visual, and motor or communication ability.® standards for accessibility are further defined by:

While® will work hard to honor its commitment to ensure access to information, however® cannot guarantee the accessibility of external sites and links accessed through this site. Consumers should contact owners of those sites for further information on accessibility compliance.