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Summer = County Fairs in Minnesota

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer is here (almost) and in Minnesota, that means it will soon be time to go to the fair. According to the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs, Minnesota has ninety-five registered county fairs, which is interesting because Minnesota has only 87 counties. There are a handful of counties in Minnesota with more than one county fair, due in large part to county size and the proximity of the county seat to the rest of the county.

In the Midwest, local and county fairs have been going on for more than 150 years. When they began, fairs were traditionally a place for people of the community to gather and for local farmers to showcase their livestock and crops, all while learning about the latest advancements in agriculture.

Today, though the times and the technology have changed, the purpose of the county fair is much the same. It is still a place for communities to gather, and for farmers to learn about the latest and greatest in agricultural advancements. There are still exhibits, demonstrations and competitions for livestock, horticulture and agriculture. And there is still the opportunity to learn and to have fun in the summer sun.

For a full listing of Minnesota's county fairs, visit the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs' website. In addition, many county fairs have websites dedicated to their annual events. Simply go to your favorite search engine to see if your local county fair has its own site.