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Return to Community Expansion Moving Ahead

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Return to Community Initiative is a role of the Minnesota Board on Aging's Senior LinkAge Line® that helps people in nursing facilities who are not yet on Medicaid leave the facility and return home. Senior LinkAge Line® community living specialists meet with these people to ask if they want to return home. If they do, the specialists then work closely with the nursing facility staff to facilitate discharge. Upon returning home, specialists do follow-up for up to five years.

During the 2017 legislative session, the Minnesota State Legislature passed legislation to expand the Return to Community initiative. It will expand the in-person assistance beyond the currently targeted people in nursing homes to reach five new group of people who:

  • Have discharged from a hospital who fit within a set of socioeconomic criteria
  • Have a doctor who has ordered them to stay more than 90 days in a nursing home
  • Are admitted to a nursing home on a respite stay
  • Have decided not to move to assisted living facility after discussing their options with the Senior LinkAge Line®
  • Have reached the end of Medicare-certified home care.

Currently, staff are working hard on expansion planning. Look for more information to come your way in the months that follow.