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Lutheran Social Service - Senior Nutrition Program

Home Delivered Meals

129 Main St E, Senior Center, Eagle Bend, MN, 56446-1200

Distance: 1391 Miles

(218) 738-4152


Service Details

Service Description

Home Delivered Meals programs prepare and deliver nutritious meals to older adults and people with disabilities who are unable to prepare the food for themselves or travel to a site where a meal is being served.

Learn more about this service when paid for under the waivers and the Alternative Care Program in the Community-Based Services Manual -
- and the Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Provider Manual -

Additional Information

Offers Home Delivered Meals (sometimes referred to as meals on wheels). These nutritious, low-cost meals are sent out to homebound seniors from these sites.

Meals are delivered to homebound seniors by volunteers.

In addition to a nutritious meal, they also provide:
* Social outlets and interaction
* Information about senior services
* Connections with trusted professionals


  • Client Conveniences
    • Social events 
  • Client Information and Specialization
    • Older adults 
  • Contracted/Grant Services
    • Title III 
  • Dietary Needs
    • Special diet - accommodated 
  • Schedule of Meals Served
    • Lunch 


Seniors 60 years or older

There is no income criteria.

Application Instructions

Seniors can sign up for these programs themselves, or may be referred by a county agent or family member.

For more information, or to become a volunteer, please call (800) 488-4146.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

Area Served

Todd County


Phone Numbers

Type Number Hours
Main (218) 738-4152

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  • BD-5000.3500Home Delivered Meals Definition

    Programs that prepare and deliver regular meals to older adults and people with disabilities who are unable to shop and/or prepare the food for themselves or travel to a site where a meal is being served.

  • BD-5000.4500Low Cost Meals Definition

    Restaurants, cafeterias and other eating establishments operated by hospitals, senior centers or other organizations or functioning independently which provide reduced-cost meals for low-income people, older adults or other targeted individuals.

  • PX-2400.5000Meal Delivery Volunteer Opportunities Definition

    Organizations with home delivered meal programs that are actively seeking individuals with a valid driver's license and current insurance who are willing, on a voluntary basis without remuneration, to deliver hot meals to the homes of people who qualify on the basis of income, age, disability or need.

  • YB-8000Older Adults Definition

    Individuals who are age 50, 55, 60, 62 or 65 or older depending on the minimum age for qualifying as an older adult which varies by program.

  • YF-2000Frail Elderly Definition

    Older adults who have a condition that affects their independence and places them at future risk of needing a higher level of care than is currently required.

  • YF-3400Homebound Definition

    Individuals are unable to leave their homes because of illness, disability or frailty.

  • YJFamilies and Individuals Needing Support Definition

    The parents, children, spouses, partners, siblings, friends or significant others of people who have specific disabilities, medical diagnoses, personal losses or other problems whose own patterns of personal, social and familial coping have been significantly affected by ongoing interaction with and concern about the individual or who are dealing with the crisis or the ongoing effects of the situation. Also included are people who, because of a multitude of factors, are at risk for experiencing problems that threaten their health, safety, personal development, economic security or other aspects of their well-being.

  • YL-3300.4500Low Income Definition

    Individuals or families whose annual income is between 150 and 200% of poverty level for their family size.

  • YL-3300.6500Poverty Level Definition

    People whose annual income is within the federal poverty level guidelines which vary according to family size and are revised annually.