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Marie Sandvik Center

Meal Programs

1112 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 55404-2921

(612) 870-9617


Service Details

Service Description

Hot meals are served Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings, after the worship service. Doors close at 6:00pm on Sunday, and 7:00pm on Tuesday and Friday.

A hot lunch is served on Thursdays after Ladies Day service. The service begins at 1:00pm.

A Big Dinner is served on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm.

The Kid's Club meets Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings during the school year, and offers after school activities, meals and religious education.
The Summer Kid's Club for children is in June and July, and also includes a meal.

Special sit-down dinners are served on Resurrection Sunday and Thanksgiving.
There is a Christmas Eve gift distribution, with bags of food and gifts.


  • Building Accessibility
    • Accessible main entrance (zero step approach) 
  • Client Information and Specialization
    • People with low income 
  • Payment
    • Free / no cost to everyone 
  • Schedule of Meals Served
    • Lunch 

Business Hours

9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday

Area Served

City of Minneapolis


Phone Numbers

Type Number Hours
Main (612) 870-9617 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
FAX (612) 870-9227

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Other Locations

This provider does not offer this service at other locations.

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  • BD-5000.8300Soup Kitchens Definition

    Programs offered by churches, restaurants and other organizations that provide meals in a central location for people who lack the resources needed to buy and prepare food. The food may be distributed to people who line up for the meal or may be served to people seated in a dining hall setting, and participants rarely need to establish eligibility for the service.

  • BD-5000.8500Summer Food Service Programs Definition

    Programs that operate during the summer when school is not in session and provide congregate nutritional meals (breakfasts, snacks, lunches and/or dinners) for children and youth. Summer food service programs are generally available to youth age 18 and younger who live in designated low-income areas; and may be federally-funded or funded by other entities.

  • PH-2950.1750-300Easter Meals Definition

    Programs that provide a hot Easter meal (usually breakfast or dinner) in a congregate setting for low-income and homeless individuals and families who might otherwise have no opportunity to celebrate the holiday. Also included are programs that deliver Easter meals to people's homes.

  • PH-2950.3200Holiday Gifts/Toys Definition

    Programs, generally supported by donations from the community, that provide gifts such as clothing, toys and other items to help low income individuals and families, older adults, hospital patients and others celebrate any of the annual holidays.

  • PH-2950.8500-870Thanksgiving Meals Definition

    Programs that provide a hot Thanksgiving meal in a congregate setting for low-income and homeless individuals and families who might otherwise have no opportunity to celebrate the holiday. Also included are programs that deliver Thanksgiving meals to people's homes.

  • YB-0500Adults Definition

    Individuals who are age 18 and older but who are not yet considered older adults.

  • YB-8000Older Adults Definition

    Individuals who are age 50, 55, 60, 62 or 65 or older depending on the minimum age for qualifying as an older adult which varies by program.

  • YB-9000Young Adults Definition

    Individuals who are generally between the ages of 18 and 25 depending on the ages that specific programs use for qualification.

  • YJFamilies and Individuals Needing Support Definition

    The parents, children, spouses, partners, siblings, friends or significant others of people who have specific disabilities, medical diagnoses, personal losses or other problems whose own patterns of personal, social and familial coping have been significantly affected by ongoing interaction with and concern about the individual or who are dealing with the crisis or the ongoing effects of the situation. Also included are people who, because of a multitude of factors, are at risk for experiencing problems that threaten their health, safety, personal development, economic security or other aspects of their well-being.

  • YK-2000Families Definition

    Groups of people, usually consisting of parents (mothers and fathers) and children, who live together in a common dwelling and depend on one another for support.

  • YL-3300.4500Low Income Definition

    Individuals or families whose annual income is between 150 and 200% of poverty level for their family size.

  • YQ-1980Faith Based Organizational Perspective Definition

    Organizations and individual practitioners who provide services in a way that reflects a commitment to religious beliefs and values.

  • YR-1500.1150Born Again Christian Community Definition

    Christians who have made a renewed or reconfirmed commitment of faith, especially after an intense religious experience.