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Minnesota Department of Human Services Direct Care and Treatment Community, Residential and Vocational Services

Community Support Program

Northeast Community Support Services (CSS)

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(612) 986-1082


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Offers adult mental health support services to those living with a serious mental illness, such as connection to resources and organized activities

Additional Information

Community Support Services (CSS) strengthen the community living of people with clinically complex challenges, through initiating and guiding innovative behavioral supports, building collaborative support networks and advocating for person-centered approaches.

Nine CSS teams located throughout the state serve clients locally with the ability to use statewide CSS resources.

Provides services statewide, including:
* Individual homes
* Group living settings
* Hospitals and long-term care facilities
* Work sites and schools
* Department of Human Services (DHS) facilities

Goal-oriented assessments and plans to address:
* Person-centered planning using a variety of tools
* Challenging behavior
* Sensory needs
* Environmental factors and needs

Consultation (formal and informal):
- Person-centered supports
- Positive behavioral support strategies
- Psychiatric recovery
- Health issues impacting behavior
- Medication-related issues
- Data collection and analysis
- Co-occurring substance abuse
- Support network development
- Resource options (services or housing)

* On-site training:
- Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
- Therapeutic intervention and personal safety techniques
- Person-centered thinking and planning
- Mental health issues and interventions
- Dementia, aging and health issues
- Sensory processing and strategies
- Direct support staff mentoring and coaching
- Other topics as requested

* Organization development:
- Assessment of current structures
- Recommendations to enhance organizational performance

* Transitional support:
- Service coordination to enhance continuity of support between settings or service providers

Minnesota State Operated Community Services (MSOCS) are services run directly by the state of Minnesota. MSOCS provides residential and vocational support services for people with disabilities.


  • Payment
    • Community Access for Disability Inclusion Waiver (CADI) 
    • Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DD) 
    • Private pay 
  • Specialization
    • Brain Injury (BI) 
    • Mental health 
    • Older adults with disabilities 
    • People with developmental disabilities 


Serves Individuals with multiple barriers to successful community living related to:
* Developmental and intellectual disabilities
* Serious and persistent mental illness
* Aging and related issues (including dementia, Alzheimer's)
* Brain injury

Application Instructions

Contact the Community Support Services (CSS) site for your area.

Forensic CSS - (612) 325-8101
Synergy CSS - (651) 431-5188


Services are funded through a variety of sources, including:
* Developmental Disability (DD), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) Waiver, and Brain Injury (BI) waivers
* Private pay
* Organizational contracts
* State appropriation

Contact Community Support Services (CSS) to discuss funding options for specific services.

Area Served

Carlton, Cook, Lake, and St. Louis County


Phone Numbers

Type Number Hours
Main (612) 986-1082

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