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Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA)

LinkVet - Veterans Linkage Line

20 W 12th St, Ste 206, St. Paul, MN, 55155-2079

(888) 546-5838


Service Details


A toll-free customer service line and website that offers support for Minnesota Veterans and their families

The hotline provides Minnesota Veterans and their family members with up-to-date information on all veterans benefits, both state and federal, regarding:
* Education
* Employment
* Health and disability
* Burials
* Assistance and families
* State and Federal resources


Anyone needing information on veterans benefits

Application Instructions

Veterans can call LinkVet at 1-888-LinkVet (546-5838) , TTY at (800) 627-3529 or Internationally at (651) 5556-0596.

The LinkVet Support Team takes phone calls, does web chats, and replies to email inquiries seven days a week:
* Monday - Friday, 7:00am to 8:00pm,
* Saturday, 9:00am to 2:30pm
* Sunday, 11:00am to 4:30pm
* Closed holidays

If you, or someone you know is in crisis or emotional distress please call the Veterans Crisis Line at (800) 273-8255, Text #838255 or call 911.

Business Hours

7:00am - 8:00pm, Monday - Friday
9:00am - 2:30pm, Saturday
11:00am - 4:30pm, Sunday

Area Served

State of Minnesota


Phone Numbers

Type Number Hours
Main (651) 296-2562
Confidential Crisis Line (800) 273-8255
International (651) 556-0596
TTY (800) 627-3529
Veterans Linkage Line 1-888-Link-Vet (888) 546-5838

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  • FT-1000.9000Veteran Benefits Assistance Definition

    Programs that provide assistance for veterans who are having difficulty understanding and/or obtaining the full benefits and services to which they are entitled by law based on service to their country. The programs may help veterans understand the eligibility criteria for benefits, the benefits provided by the program, the payment process and the rights of beneficiaries; provide consultation and advice; help them complete benefits application forms; negotiate on their behalf with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs staff; and/or represent them in administrative processes or judicial litigation. Included are veteran rights organizations that offer a range of advocacy services as well as legal aid programs that offer more formalized legal assistance.

  • NS-8000.9000-160CHAMPVA Definition

    The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is a medical benefits program through which the VA helps pay for medical services and supplies obtained from civilian sources by eligible dependents and survivors of veterans who are permanently and totally disabled as a result of a service-connected disability, who died as a result of a service-connected disability, who, at the time of death were totally disabled as a result of a service-connected disability, or who died while on active duty.

  • NS-8000.9000-850TRICARE Standard Definition

    TRICARE Standard, formerly known as CHAMPUS, provides heath care benefits for active duty members of the uniformed services including the Coast Guard, NOAA and the Public Health Service; qualified family members; retirees and their family members; and the spouses and children of deceased active duty and retired personnel. The program is one of three TRICARE options and helps to pay the costs of inpatient, outpatient and emergency medical services obtained from civilian sources. Beneficiaries pay an annual deductible and a share of the costs and may select the authorized civilian health care provider of their choice. There is no enrollment required for families. TRICARE is a regional managed care program administered by the Department of Defense (DoD) Health Affairs Office in collaboration with civilian contractors.

  • TJ-3000.8000Specialized Information and Referral Definition

    Programs that maintain information about community resources that are appropriate for a specific target group or human services sector (for example, youth programs or addiction services) and which link individuals who are in need of specialized services with appropriate resources and/or which provide information about community agencies and organizations that offer specialized services.

  • YB-9000Young Adults Definition

    Individuals who are generally between the ages of 18 and 25 depending on the ages that specific programs use for qualification.

  • YJ-2050Families of Military Personnel/Veterans Definition

    The parents, children or spouses of people who are on active duty with one of the branches of the armed forces, who have retired from the armed forces following a military career, or who have been honorably discharged as veterans of military service. Included are families of deceased veterans.

  • YN-9000Veterans Definition

    Individuals who are former members of one of the branches of the armed forces and who, by length and type of services, honorable discharge or release or degree of disability, qualify for the benefits and privileges that are provided by law for ex-servicemen and women.

  • YZ-8560Transportation Issues Definition

    Programs that provide information and/or services that deal with the topic of transportation.