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Minnesota Specialty Health System - Willmar

Supervised Living Facility

1208 Olena Ave, Willmar, MN, 56201-4766

(320) 235-0341


Service Details


Lodging and services for people with developmental disabilities, chemical dependency, adult mental illness, or physical disabilities

Long Description: A supervised living facility provides supervision, lodging, meals, counseling and developmental habilitative or rehabilitative services to five or more persons who are developmentally disabled, chemically dependent, adult mentally ill, or physically disabled.

Some types of supervised living facilities are for persons who can take care of themselves in an emergency. Other facilities are for persons unable to take care of themselves in emergencies. Proper placement in a supervised living facility will depend on the services and care needed by the person.

This provider is licensed as a supervised living facility by the Department of Health and is subject to periodic health and safety inspections for regulatory compliance by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Additional Information

The goal of Minnesota Specialty Health System is to provide services in a safe and creative environment that assists adult individuals with varying levels of skills and abilities in identifying their strengths, needs and goals through skill training and acquisition. Each program works with adults in achieving their goals and transitioning them to a less structured, more stabilized setting. Programs provide rehabilitative and habilitative treatment that utilize evidence-based practices in helping individuals with their recovery, including Illness Management and Recovery, Integrated Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment, family psycho-education, behavioral expertise and 24/7 psychiatric on-call consultation, and coverage, and crisis prevention planning.


  • Chemical Dependency
    • Chemical abuse/mental health treatment (dual diagnosis) 
  • Client Information and Specialization
    • Chemically dependent 
    • Mentally ill 
  • Payment
    • Private health insurance 
    • Private pay 

Licenses, Registrations, or Certifications

ID Type Agency Url
25363 Licensed Supervised Living Facilities Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)

Area Served

Kandiyohi County


Phone Numbers

Type Number Hours
Main (320) 235-0865

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This provider does not offer this service at other locations.

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  • BH-8400.6000-280Group Residences for Adults With Disabilities Definition

    Agency-owned or operated facilities that provide an alternative living environment for adults with developmental disabilities, sensory impairments, physical disabilities, emotional disabilities, multiple disabilities or chronic illnesses such as AIDS who are in need of personal services, supervision and/or assistance essential for self-protection or sustaining the activities of daily living and consequently are unable to live with their own families or in a more independent setting. Group residences for adults with disabilities may be licensed by the state and may be distinguished according to the level of service residents require. Service levels depend on the self-care skills residents possess, their limitations in the areas of physical coordination and mobility, and the presence and extent of behavior problems including disruptive or self-injurious behavior.

  • YB-9000Young Adults Definition

    Individuals who are generally between the ages of 18 and 25 depending on the ages that specific programs use for qualification.

  • YF-5000.1100Chronic/Severe Mental Illness Definition

    A number of mental or emotional conditions of a seriously debilitating nature which progress or do not respond positively to treatment over a period of time and which require adjustments on the part of the individual and his or her significant others, or long-term medication, to make daily functioning possible.

  • YF-5000.1515Co-Occurring Disorders Definition

    A condition, previously referred to in the U.S. as "dual diagnosis", in which individuals have both a diagnosed mental illness and a substance use disorder involving either drugs or alcohol. Any combination of mental health and substance use disorders qualifies for this diagnosis, e.g., an alcohol use disorder and depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and a heroin use disorder, prescription drug dependence and anxiety. For purposes of treatment, it is recommended that clients receive intensive medical and therapeutic intervention and care for both disorders at the same time, allowing them to manage the symptoms caused by the mental health disorder without resorting to drugs and/or alcohol and worsening their mental health symptoms, or allowing an untreated mental health order to increase the urge to drink or get high.

  • YF-8000Substance Use Disorders Definition

    Disorders related to excessive alcohol use, other drug use or use of other substances including caffeine and tobacco that is characterized by an inability to control or limit the amount taken or the frequency; intense cravings; continuing use despite problems with work, school or family/social obligations or interpersonal problems; risky use, e.g., driving a car, operating machinery while under the influence or continuing to smoke following an emphysema diagnosis; or evidence of pharmacological indicators (tolerance and withdrawal symptoms), the adjustment the body makes as it attempts to adapt to the continued and frequent use of a substance.

  • YZ-5000Mental Health Issues Definition

    Programs that provide information and/or services that deal with the topic of mental health/mental illness.