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Topics for "Food"

  • BD Food 1939

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    Programs that seek to meet the basic nutritional needs of the community by providing access to food products.

  • BD-1800 Emergency Food 661

    Programs that provide a limited amount of food for individuals or families during times of personal crisis, or for people who have no food or cannot afford to purchase food at retail costs.

  • BD-1850 Emergency Food Clearinghouses 1

    Programs that coordinate requests for emergency food assistance by screening individuals who apply using criteria established by the food pantries or other providers, maintaining lists of individuals who have been aided, and checking new applicants against the lists before referring them to a resource that can meet their needs. Emergency food clearinghouses help to avoid duplication of service and maximize the availability of food resources while relieving the agencies of the task of handling requests directly. Also included are programs that refer people needing food to an appropriate resource, but which are not the sole source for this information.

  • BD-1875 Food Collection and Storage 4

    Programs that collect, warehouse and distribute food from a wide variety of sources to food pantries, meal programs, shelters and other charitable organizations that use it for people in their own programs or make it available to individuals and families in the community who need it. Included are programs that provide food storage facilities for community residents.

  • BD-2400 Food Outlets 131

    Programs that supply consumers with food and other supermarket products, in many cases at lower than retail prices.

  • BD-2600 Food Production 2

    Programs that provide assistance for people who want to grow their own food or maintain their own gardens on a private basis; or which offer information, technical assistance and support for individuals who have commercial establishments that are engaged in the production of crops, plants, vines or trees; raising livestock, poultry or other small farm animals; beekeeping; commercial fishing; aquaculture projects; or other similar food production ventures.

  • BD-5000 Meals 1155

    Programs that provide supplementary nutrition (which may include hot meals, snacks or milk) typically for homeless people, individuals with low or fixed incomes, older adults, children from low-income families and/or people with disabilities.