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Material Goods

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  • BM Material Goods 311

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    Programs that pay for, provide and/or repair basic household, work-related and personal necessities for people who need them. Also included are organizations that provide office equipment and supplies for individuals and businesses, operate lost and found services where people can retrieve lost possessions or make commodities broadly available to the community at large.

  • BM-0500 Automobiles 7

    Programs that pay for or provide new and/or second hand automobiles for individuals who qualify on the basis of income, age or disability. Also included are organizations that sell new or used automobiles at very low prices, refer people to automobile dealerships, provide money to help people whose cars have failed an emissions test to purchase a replacement vehicle or otherwise help people acquire an automobile.

  • BM-1700 Discount/Rebate Programs 1

    Programs that offer a special pricing structure for their own or a broader array of goods and services which may be open to the general public, be available to members only or be restricted to children, older adults or other age groups, people with disabilities (and their accompanying attendants, where applicable) or others designated by the program. Also included are programs that offer rebates on purchases consumer goods.

  • BM-3000 Household Goods 129

    Programs that pay for or provide new, reconditioned or secondhand furnishings for homes or apartments.

  • BM-5010 Mending/Alterations Services 2

    Programs that pay for or provide sewing services for people with clothing that needs mending or alterations. These programs may also work on household items such as curtains or linens.

  • BM-5050 Mobile Devices 1

    Programs that pay for or provide portable computing, communications or entertainment devices for use in a variety of environments. The devices typically have a display screen with touch input or a miniature keyboard and include personal digital assistants (PDAs), handheld game consoles, digital cameras, portable media players, e-book readers, cell phones, pagers and personal navigation devices (PDNs). Some devices offer a combination of functions, e.g., most PDAs have features which allow them to be used as mobile phones or portable media players; and smartphones have advanced capabilities such as Wi-Fi and e-book reader features and function more like miniature computers with phone capabilities.

  • BM-6000 Office Equipment and Supplies 8

    Programs that pay for or provide personal computers, copy machines, fax machines, adding machines, shredders, time and attendance machines, laminating/binding machines, paper cutters and trimmers, presentation equipment and other office equipment.

  • BM-7000 Repair Services 21

    Programs that pay for or provide maintenance and repair services that enable people to fix essential household appliances or other essential possessions that are broken or damaged.

  • BM-9500 Tools/Equipment 3

    Programs that pay for or supply tools and equipment that are necessary for gardening, home maintenance, employment or other purposes.