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Consumer Regulation

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  • DF Consumer Regulation 137

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    Programs that protect individuals and organizations, including commercial entities, from fraudulent or unfair trade or credit practices or unsafe or poor quality goods and services through the enactment of protective legislation, the enforcement of laws and regulations relating to trade in the marketplace, the establishment and application of licensing, certification and accreditation standards to regulate the activities of businesses and service providers, and the review of professional and business practices to assure compliance with accepted standards.

  • DF-4500 Licensing/Certification/Accreditation 97

    Programs that authorize the practice of a profession or the operation of a business or community facility after determining that established standards have been met. Activities usually include establishment of standards; review of applications; preparation and administration of examinations; issuance or denial of licenses, certificates or accreditation papers; enforcement of compliance with standards through inspection and monitoring; and revocation of licenses or disciplinary action in cases of noncompliance.

  • DF-6500 Peer Review Organizations 1

    Groups of practicing professionals who are officially enlisted to review the practices of fellow professionals. Services may include investigation of individual complaints.

  • DF-7000 Records/Licenses/Permits 29

    Programs that issue written personal permits to engage in activities that are regulated by government authority or which maintain and, where appropriate, provide access to documents which authenticate the occurrence of specific transactions, proceedings or events. Also included are programs that evaluate records, licenses or permits issued by foreign authorities and produce written certification of equivalency to U.S. standards.

  • DF-8000 Regulations/Standards 8

    Programs that have regulatory and/or oversight responsibilities in enforcing the laws and standards established through consumer protection or fair trade legislation.