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Topics for "Records/Licenses/Permits"

  • DF-7000 Records/Licenses/Permits 29

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    Programs that issue written personal permits to engage in activities that are regulated by government authority or which maintain and, where appropriate, provide access to documents which authenticate the occurrence of specific transactions, proceedings or events. Also included are programs that evaluate records, licenses or permits issued by foreign authorities and produce written certification of equivalency to U.S. standards.

  • DF-7000.1200 Birth Certificates 2

    Programs that maintain and, where appropriate, provide copies of birth certificates, i.e., documents which certify the date and place of a person's birth as well as his/her parentage. Available in most jurisdictions are authorized copies which are required to obtain a driver’s license, passport, Social Security card and other services related to an individual’s identity; and informational copies which cannot be used to establish a person’s identity. Only individuals designated by law have access to authorized copies of a person's birth certificate.

  • DF-7000.4950 Marriage Certificates 1

    Programs that maintain copies of the instrument which certifies that a marriage between two people has taken place. The marriage certificate is executed by the individual officiating at the marriage and serves as evidence of the marriage.

  • DF-7000.6550 Parking Permits 1

    Programs that issue special decals or other official devices that authorize the bearer to park his or her vehicle in specified restricted areas. Included are parking stickers for people who have disabilities; overnight, weekend or special events parking passes; and other similar permits.

  • DF-7000.8250 Social Security Numbers 20

    Programs that provide Social Security cards for people who need to register for employment, report their taxes and track their Social Security benefits. Also included are programs that replace Social Security cards when they are lost or stolen.

  • DF-7000.8500 Tribal Enrollment Records 3

    Programs that maintain and, where appropriate, provide access to the official documentation which contains the names of individuals who belong to one of the recognized groups of Native Americans that constitute a tribe. Also included are programs that help Native Americans complete and file the paperwork that is required to establish tribal membership.