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  • H Education 81

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    Programs that provide opportunities for people to acquire the knowledge, skills, desirable qualities of behavior and character, wisdom and general competence that will enable them to fully participate in and enjoy the social, political, economic and intellectual life of the community.

  • HD Educational Institutions/Schools 3

    Schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes and other educational establishments that have comprehensive curriculums and courses of instruction which constitute the formal, structured framework through which educational services are provided for community residents.

  • HH Educational Programs 58

    Programs within the context of the formal educational system or offered as an adjunct to the traditional school curriculum which provide instructional services that are individualized or specialized to meet the specific needs and interests of learners.

  • HL Educational Support Services 20

    Programs within the formal education system at elementary, secondary or postsecondary levels, or offered by outside agencies, that provide non-instructional services which support the admission of students to an educational program, their health and living conditions while students, their extracurricular activities options, and their ability to choose an appropriate course of study and adjust to and remain in school through the completion of their high school diplomas or college/university degrees.

  • HP Postsecondary Instructional Programs 1

    Major fields of study offered at a variety of levels by colleges and universities, professional schools, trade schools, technical schools and other postsecondary educational institutions. Included are academic and occupationally oriented instructional programs offered for academic credit at one or more postsecondary educational levels; and residency programs in various dental, medical and veterinary specializations offered in teaching hospitals and similar locations that may lead to advanced professional certification.