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Benefits Recipients

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  • YC Benefits Recipients 782

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    Individuals who qualify for and are receiving basic maintenance in the form of cash grants and in some cases, social services, from a governmental source; or who are entitled to benefits based on their own or their employer's contributions to a social insurance program.

  • YC-1550 Community Voicemail Recipients 2

    Individuals who are currently enrolled in a local community voicemail program or are former participants. Community voicemail programs provide voice messaging services which allow homeless people and other individuals with no access to a telephone to communicate in a dignified way with potential employers, landlords, service providers, family members and others regarding interviews, job offers, housing opportunities and other important business.

  • YC-1700 Disability Benefit Recipients 75

    Previously employed individuals who have lost their earnings due to a physical or mental impairment severe enough to prevent them from working and who are receiving monthly cash benefits from a public or private source during the period of disability.

  • YC-1800 Eligible Benefits Applicants 48

    Individuals who are presumed to be eligible for public benefits based on their income and assets or whose eligibility has been established but who are not yet receiving their benefits.

  • YC-2000 Food Stamps/SNAP Recipients 13

    Low-income individuals and families who have been issued an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) "debit" card by the federal Food Stamp/SNAP program which they can use as a means of payment in grocery stores, farmers markets, restaurants and other food outlets to pay for food.

  • YC-2500 General Relief Recipients 152

    Individuals who are receiving cash grants and emergency assistance through the General Relief program, an income maintenance program that is funded entirely by the county for indigent people, usually adults who have no minor children, who are ineligible for any of the federally-funded cash grant programs.

  • YC-4500 Long Term Welfare Recipients 45

    Individuals and families whose use of public assistance benefits as a primary source of support can be characterized as long-term or recurrent.

  • YC-5000 Medicaid Recipients 302

    Low-income individuals who are receiving comprehensive medical benefits through the federal Medicaid program administered by the county or the state.

  • YC-5100 Medicare Beneficiaries 121

    Individuals, age 65 and older or younger than age 65 with a disability, who have hospital, medical and prescription drug insurance through the federally-funded Medicare program.

  • YC-7900 Social Security Retirement Recipients 60

    Individuals who are receiving regular monthly retirement checks from the Social Security Administration the amount of which is based on the wages earned and the number of quarters of coverage credited to the person's Social Security record.

  • YC-8000 SSI Recipients 345

    Individuals who are receiving cash grants through the Supplemental Security Income program, a federal income maintenance program with supplemental state funds which is administered by the Social Security Administration for people who are age 65 and older, are blind or have a disability, and have little or no income and assets.

  • YC-8500 TANF Recipients 162

    Individuals who are receiving cash grants through the TANF program, a state program with matching federal block grant funds administered by the county or the state under state guidelines that provides time-limited cash assistance for needy families with (or expecting) children as well as job preparation, work opportunities and access to supportive services such as child care which enable parents receiving assistance to leave the program and become self-sufficient.

  • YC-9000 Unemployment Recipients 4

    Unemployed individuals who are receiving cash grants which, for a limited period of time, partially replace income that has been lost due to lack of employment.

  • YC-9500 Workers Compensation Recipients 1

    Individuals who have lost their earnings due to accidental injury on the job or occupational illness and are receiving compensation from the government mandated, employer supported disability program.