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Educational Status

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  • YG Educational Status 146

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    Individuals who are students, school dropouts or graduates of a particular level within the formal education system or who have needs and interests based on their exceptional intellectual abilities or the level and type of education they have received.

  • YG-1700 Educational Level 2

    The amount of formal education an individual has completed which is documented by the certificates or degrees or the equivalent the person has earned or the number of years of education the person has received.

  • YG-2000 Functional Illiteracy 1

    Individuals whose ability to read, write and/or understand basic mathematics is not sufficient to secure and maintain employment or participate fully in those aspects of community life that require these skills.

  • YG-4500 Limited English Proficiency 5

    Individuals whose first language is other than English and who may need to learn or perfect English language skills to successfully compete in the job market and participate fully in other aspects of community life.

  • YG-7900 School Dropouts 2

    Students who have left school without completing their course of study and earning their diploma, degree or other certificate of graduation.

  • YG-8000 Students 138

    Individuals who are enrolled in classes or courses of study in schools, colleges or universities. Included are students in the formal education system (preschool through university and beyond) as well as adults who are receiving instruction in basic academic skills, supplementing their previous education or training or exploring new interests.