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Family Relationships

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  • YK Family Relationships 684

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    Individuals who have needs and interests in common on the basis of their connection by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship or cohabitation, or by their lack of familial or intimate relationships.

  • YK-1500 Couples 1

    Two people who share an intimate relationship which includes support, communication, companionship, and sexual and emotional gratification.

  • YK-2000 Families 416

    Groups of people, usually consisting of parents (mothers and fathers) and children, who live together in a common dwelling and depend on one another for support.

  • YK-6500 Parents 240

    The lawful mother and father of a person. Included are the natural mother or father of a child born to a valid marriage; the adoptive father or mother of a child jointly adopted by them; the natural mother of an illegitimate child if she is the sole guardian; the child's putative parent who has expressly acknowledged paternity and has contributed to the child's support; and any individual whose status as guardian of the child has been established by statute.

  • YK-6600 Pets 7

    Dogs, cats, birds and other animals that people keep as members of their households for purposes of companionship or amusement.

  • YK-8000 Siblings 9

    People who have the same parents and are related to one another as brothers and/or sisters.