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Topics for "Offenders"

  • YP Offenders 18

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    Individuals who are involved in legal proceedings, including administrative hearings as a defendant; or who have committed acts that have been defined as felonies or misdemeanors by federal or state laws or municipal or local ordinances and are currently under required supervision by the criminal justice system.

  • YP-1000 Abusive Individuals 10

    Individuals who are involved in a persistent pattern of violence, intimidation, or sexual or emotional abuse which is directed against members of their families or significant others who are living in their homes; or who are involved in intentional cruelty to animals.

  • YP-1450 Court Ordered Individuals 1

    Individuals who have been convicted of an offense and sentenced by the court to do community service or participate in a designated treatment program or training in lieu of or in addition to other sanctions; or are involved in legal proceedings such as divorce actions and have been required by the court to attend education or counseling sessions relative to the action, e.g., a divorce education program or parenting classes.

  • YP-3300 Inmates 3

    Individuals who are serving sentences in correctional facilities for criminal offenses.

  • YP-3500 Juvenile Delinquents 1

    Individuals younger than age 18 who have violated federal or state laws or municipal or local ordinances; who, without just cause, have run away from home; who are beyond the control of parents, guardians or other custodians; who have engaged in indecent or immoral conduct; who have been habitually truant or, while in school, continually and overtly defiant of school rules and regulations; or who have violated any lawful order of the court.

  • YP-6300 Parolees 2

    Individuals who have been released from jail, prison or other confinement after serving part of a sentence.

  • YP-6400 Probationers 2

    Individuals who have been convicted of a crime and released into the community under the supervision of a probation officer, usually in lieu of incarceration.

  • YP-8000 Sex Offenders 2

    Individuals who have committed rape or other sexual assault, nonfamilial child sexual assault, indecent exposure, voyeurism or other sexual offenses.