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Crime Victims

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  • YX-1500 Crime Victims 179

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    Individuals who have suffered injury or loss of property because of the illegal actions of another.

  • YX-1500.0075 Assault/Battery Victims 1

    Individuals who have been subjected to an intentional act of physical harm or the threat of physical harm by another. Aggravated assault/battery occurs when an individual suffers a severe injury at the hands of another, either by battery or through use of a deadly weapon. Definitions of both "assault" and "battery" vary by jurisdiction; and both may be prosecuted via both civil and criminal laws.

  • YX-1500.3300 Identity Theft Victims 2

    Individuals who have been victimized by someone who has fraudulently obtained private information about them, e.g., their Social Security number, and used it to apply for credit in their name, run up large bills and then disappear without paying the bills leaving the individuals with ruined credit. Identity thieves may also purchase expensive medical services in the victim's name or give the victim's name and personal information to a law enforcement officer during an investigation or upon arrest leaving the individual vulnerable to large medical bills or subject to arrest.

  • YX-1500.8500 Torture Survivors 1

    Individuals who have been subjected to severe physical or psychological abuse intentionally inflicted at the instigation or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.

  • YX-1500.9000 Victims of Human Trafficking 150

    Individuals (including adults and children, males and females) who have been abducted, sold, recruited under fraud or pretence or otherwise brought under the control of another person, and forced, by means of threats, intimidation, violence or other forms of coercion, into unpaid or underpaid labor, servitude, prostitution or forced marriage, either domestically within their own country or internationally. Other forms of exploitation include provision of children for illegal adoption, provision of women as mail-order brides, and subjection of individuals of all ages to the forced removal of organs.